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Waterway Advocates is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization serving the communities of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. Our team develops and hosts meaningful community service and learning opportunities that empower individuals from all backgrounds to embrace their role in the conservation of the environment.


We see a world in which everyone IS an advocate and everyone HAS an advocate.


It's our goal to make this vision a reality. No matter who you are, where you are from, who you love, or how you identify, you are part of the team that is achieving positive and meaningful environmental change.

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 nature hubs 
& pollination stations!

wildflower fields

wildlife corridors

community gardens

walking trails

clean-up kit distribution

field trip destination

native plant sanctuaries

community green spaces

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in action

beautification projects

community gardens

volunteer & staff litter clean-ups

incident reports & response

specialty recycling partnerships

corporate service days

public & private memorial clean-ups

community assistance program

home beautification & clean-up kits

organization sign-on letters

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educational video series

10-second shorts

educational events

free learning resources

school and community partnerships

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 hello from our team! 



co-executive director

Caleb has dedicated his time to environmental advocacy and policy, volunteerism, public safety, and animal welfare. As a fierce advocate, he has fought for marine life, clean waterways, and healthy communities. He has shown strong leadership through organizing volunteer clean-ups and working closely with large companies and officials on environmental initiatives. When off the clock (which is rare these days), Caleb can be found exploring the outdoors, kayaking, at the beach, camping, and losing at game night.



co-executive director

Ben has always been passionate about the environment and helping his community. In addition to serving as Executive Director for Waterway Advocates, he is an accomplished musician and educator and holds a bachelor's degree from James Madison University. Ben is a persistent advocate for safe and inclusive environments for all, humans and wildlife alike. Outside of work, Ben enjoys adventuring outdoors, playing piano, and winning at game night.



outreach coordinator

Nancy is currently majoring in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Maryland. In her professional life, she hopes to focus on the connection between community activism and the environment. Nancy is very passionate about the complex dynamics that exist within ecosystems, and loves to study and observe living things. In her free time, she enjoys buying too many vegetables at the farmer’s market, spending time in the sun, reading, doing yoga and volunteering with her community. 


field ops supervisor

Shep is our Field Operations Supervisor. He enjoys sniffing flowers and working in the garden. When he's not supervising environmental response, he enjoys partaking in long naps to prep him for tomorrow.

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