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We work by mobilizing staff members and volunteers to beautify, clean, and protect our inner and coastal waterways, parks, beaches, neighborhoods, public lands, and other natural areas. While our primary response is by our team, we also host numerous volunteer clean-ups. We place an emphasis on the small pieces of garbage that typically go unaddressed, such as microbeads and microplastics, as well as hard-to-access areas.


In addition to our immediate radius of response, we accept litter and pollution reports nationwide. When incidents are within Central and South Florida, we respond and take the necessary steps to achieve a prompt resolution. With reports that originate outside of these areas, we assist the community in escalating the incidents to local agencies and organizations for a resolution.

Advocates for Clean & Clear Waterways is a

501(c)(3) organization based in Broward County, serving the communities of Central and South Florida. Founded in April of 2020, our organization is staffed by dedicated advocates

serving our community. We focus on staff and volunteer litter clean-ups, water quality issues and testing, environmental education, pollution response, and other environmental concerns affecting low-income communities and beyond.






Water Quality




Caleb Merendino

Executive Director, South Florida


​Caleb has dedicated his time to environmental advocacy and policy, volunteerism, public safety, and animal welfare. As a fierce advocate, he has fought for marine wildlife, clean waterways, and healthy communities. He has shown strong leadership through organizing volunteer clean-ups and working closely with large companies and officials on environmental initiatives. When off the clock (which is rare these days), Caleb can be found exploring the outdoors, kayaking, at the beach, camping, hiking, and losing at game night.

Benjamin Swanson

Executive Director, Central Florida


Ben has always been passionate about the environment and helping his community. In addition to serving as Executive Director for Advocates for Clean & Clear Waterways, he is an accomplished musician and educator and holds a bachelor's degree from James Madison University. Ben is a persistent advocate for safe and inclusive environments for all, humans and wildlife alike. Outside of work, Ben enjoys adventuring outdoors, playing piano, and winning at game night.

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Advocates for Clean & Clear Waterways, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization advocating for Central and South Florida's waterways and environment.

EIN: 85-0782176

P.O. Box 8734

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310


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