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Community Advocacy Division

Behind the scenes, our Community Advocacy Division can be found enhancing ecosystems on both land and water. We achieve results by escalating environmental compliance concerns, crimes, and emergencies to the appropriate partner agencies for resolution. Our team of Stormwater Troopers responds to service requests relating to stormwater drains, litter and debris, discharge and pollution, and wildlife welfare.

Incident & Event Tracker

See what's going on in your community! Support cleaner communities in 2023.

Report Concerns

It takes a team to keep our communities clean, safe, and thriving. If you see something wrong in your community, we encourage you to speak up by using the form below.

Before you begin...

  • Waterway Advocates takes reports related to:

    • Stormwater drains

    • Litter, debris, and illegal dumping

    • Discharges and pollution

    • Wildlife welfare

  • For a list of common hotline and emergency numbers, click here.​

  • For additional city, county, and state resources, click here.

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