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Biden Hits One Year Mark; Over 100 Leaders Push for Native Planting

WASHINGTON, D.C. – 104 leaders from almost 90 non-profits, businesses, educational institutions, and state and local governments are urging the Biden-Harris Administration to convert the grounds of the White House and U.S. Capitol to 100% native, pollination-focused, and pesticide-free landscapes immediately. In their letter, the signers request that all federal grounds within the District of Columbia be converted by 2024, while encouraging all states and United States territories to implement the same landscaping principles on their grounds.

In light of last week’s one-year anniversary of Executive Order 14008 (January 27) that led to the creation of the “America the Beautiful” initiative, as well as the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26), organizations are mobilizing across the nation to reverse emissions and achieve significant habitat restoration. Native plants are a critical component of thriving ecosystems, as they provide important food and shelter for wildlife, all while taking harmful greenhouse gases out of our atmosphere.

“Reasonable, research-driven solutions, like these, yield tremendous benefits in our efforts to reverse climate change and increase biodiversity,” said Benjamin Swanson, Co-Executive Director of South Florida-based Waterway Advocates, Inc., the initiative’s leading organization. Learn more about these efforts and how we can #PlantNative and create #ThrivingEcosystems together, at


Subject: Expanding Executive Order 14008 From: Waterway Advocates <>

Date: Tue, Feb 1, 10:49 AM To: NOAA, Environmental Protection Agency Leaders, The White House, the Executive Office of Mr. President Joe Biden, Department of Interior Good morning, In light of last week's one-year anniversary of Executive Order 14008 that established the "America the Beautiful" Initiative and our nationwide goal of conserving at least 30% of U.S. lands and waters by 2030, we formally submit this sign-on letter from over 100 signatories across almost 100 organizations throughout the nation. You may find our sign-on letter (in PDF and web format) at: If another format is better, we are glad to submit these documents in the easiest way for you to access. We look forward to discussing these practical, sustainable, and economically advantageous environmental conservation efforts and goals with your team in the near future. With sincere gratitude, Benjamin Swanson & Caleb Merendino Co-Executive Directors, Waterway Advocates

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