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Boater Dumps Balloons into Ocean

Every minute, balloons are being released into the environment. This poses a danger to local waterways, wildlife, habitats, and ecosystems. This time, we aren't talking about a balloon release. Unhappy Mr. David Torres-Bocanegra was arrested on May 11, 2022, after the litterbug popped 50+ balloons and tossed em' overboard their yacht. Additional individuals were involved and ticketed by the Miami-Dade Police, Illegal Dumping Unit. Balloons may be fun for celebrations, graduations, weddings, and even just a day to say "I love you;" but, whether you're releasing a balloon to make a much-needed wish or leaving boring popped water balloons out to vanish — the sad truth is that these end up impacting our local ecosystems.

Countless animals become entangled and mistake balloons for food. We're not saying we need to ban balloons, but we ask folks to understand the environmental impact balloons of all types impose.

At the end of the day — Whatever goes up, must come down (& often sit for years).

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