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Environmental Resources for Broward County

Environmental Resources for Broward County

Unincorporated Broward County

What can I recycle?

Plastic bottles and containers, paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans.

How do I dispose of hazardous waste & needles?

If you see a single syringe or hazardous waste, call your local fire station to determine next steps. For household needle and medication disposal, contact your local health department here.

Can I recycle my cigarette butts?

Yes! Cigarette butts are made of plastic and are NOT biodegradable. TerraCycle helps keep cigarettes out of our waterways through their Cigarette Waste Free Recycling Program.

How do I recycle tires?

It may take a few calls, but most auto shops can dispose of tires properly. Be sure to check if there is a fee associated with drop-off.

Where can I bring old or broken electronics?

Electronics can typically be placed with hazardous waste for proper disposal. Best Buy offers recycling for TVs and most electronics. Be sure to check if there is a fee associated with drop-off.

Find your nearest Publix.

Publix accepts plastic bags, overwrap, foam egg cartons, meat trays, and a variety of other hard-to-recycle items. Reduce your waste by dropping these items off at a store near you!

How do I recycle ink?

Planet Green provides free recycling and will donate to Waterway Advocates for each cartridge! Click here to generate free postage and don't forget to include Charity ID #31619.

How do I report environmental concerns and complaints?

Environmental compliance concerns, illegal dumping, litter hotspots, and water quality issues may be reported here.

How do I request assistance if my concerns aren't being addressed or taken seriously?

Send us a message, and one of our dedicated advocates will ensure your concerns will be given the attention they deserve.

How do I report injured sea turtles, manatees, or other wildlife?

Call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission at 1-888-404-FWCC (3922).

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