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Gardens, Waterways & Climate

(What's the connection?)

A colleague recently described our organization as having a "holistic approach to environmental conservation," and I could not think of a more wonderful compliment.

With everything going on, it can be easy to lose sight of this simple fact:

We are all part of the same ecosystem that is Planet Earth.

If we are going to have any chance at preventing the complete catastrophic consequences of climate change and environmental neglect, we need everyone. Humans, in fact, were the ones who first placed plastic into the ocean and spewed obnoxious amounts of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Let's work together to make up for lost time, and let's combat these problems together as a whole.

Simple solutions multiplied by massive populations yield massive results. A holistic response is imperative, and meaningful #ClimateAction can be as simple as spreading some wildflower seeds along a roadside. Big government achievements, like today's signing of the Inflation Reduction Act that includes historic climate legislation, are not a free pass. Meaningful and accessible action in frontline communities is essential.

Watch the video to learn how green spaces, waterways, and climate are all connected. Then, challenge yourself to put it into action! 🌱

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