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Happy Earth Month!

Did you know that Earth Day originated on April 22, 1970? It led to a period of substantial environmental legislation in the United States, such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act, which are now essential tools in upholding environmental protections within our legal system. Today, the holiday is celebrated internationally; in 2020, over 100 million people in 192 countries took action to honor our planet for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

The theme of Earth Day this year is Invest in Our Planet. Whether we act on an individual, community, national or global scale, action is essential if we hope to protect current and future generations from the irreversible consequences of climate change.


Ways to Invest in Our Planet

The state of our world can undoubtedly be a little overwhelming. That's why, for anyone looking for ways to take action this Earth Day, it's easiest to begin close to home. We have the power to take action in our local communities - a critical step toward monumental climate action abroad! Use this time of year to evaluate where in your life you can take action to help the earth!

Lower your personal impact on the planet.

  • Plant native! Native biodiversity is vital to creating resilient, thriving ecosystems. Gardens benefit pollinators, provide a habitat for insects and wildlife, and provide essential ecosystem services for all.

  • Re-evaluate your diet. Try buying groceries that are locally produced to prevent the greenhouse gas emissions that come from shipping food across the globe. Consider cutting down on your consumption of meat, as it is carbon intensive and requires hundreds of gallons of water to produce.

  • Cut out pesticides from your lawn care routine. Pesticides run off into local waterways, where they create areas that lack the oxygen necessary for marine species to survive, called dead zones. Going pesticide free is a really easy way to protect our marine and coastal ecosystems!

Get involved within your local community.

  • Attend a Waterway Advocates clean-up! Many local communities are negatively impacted by litter and illegal dumping that pollutes our waterways. Each year, Waterway Advocates staff and volunteers intercept thousands of pounds of trash that would otherwise end up in our oceans. Find out more about our clean up events here!

  • Join a local community group. Whether you're picking up trash, feeding the hungry, or standing up against injustice, helping one helps us all. Get involved in advocacy for the natural and human environment within your community!

  • Start climate conversations with the people in your life. Having respectful, civil discussions with people that you love about issues that you care about is one of the best ways to convince them to care about it to! Engage the people in your life in environmental advocacy through education.

Take action nationally and globally.

  • Contact your local and state legislators. Make a call, send an email or write a letter about environmental issues you're passionate about, such as ambitious climate action NOW!

  • Vote in local, state and national elections. We have the power to appoint representatives who will fight to make our world a more kind, just and sustainable place for all.


Saw Palmetto Serenoa repens

Native range: endemic to the Southeastern US, specifically the Florida region

Fun fact: Saw Palmetto can live to be over 700 years old. Planting one in your garden could benefit the land for almost a century!

Why should I plant Saw Palmetto? Saw Palmetto is considered central to the wellbeing of Florida wildlife. Palmetto berries feed hundreds of different bird, mammal, amphibian and reptile species. The plant is also houses insect larvae and provides nectar for important pollinators.


Times are tough. That's why we want to make it easier than ever to give back to our communities. When you shop with Amazon Smile, 0.5% of eligible purchases are donated back to Waterway Advocates!

To get started, click here to set Waterway Advocates as your Amazon charitable organization at no cost to you!

Thank you for helping us accomplish our goal of protecting our watersheds through meaningful community service and learning opportunities.

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