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Launch Day at Greynolds

A volunteer planting Muhly grass at the Greynolds Pollination Station on August 13, 2022.

Wouldn’t it be great if climate action was accessible to everyone? This South Florida organization believes it can be.

Waterway Advocates is on a mission to improve ecosystems through meaningful and engaging community service-learning experiences. Last month, our nonprofit partnered with TD Charitable Foundation, Miami-Dade County Parks, and Urban Habitat Miami to launch the Greynolds Park Pollination Station.

On the sunny morning of August 13th, community members of all ages came together to transform a playground into a thriving native habitat. Dying shrubs were replaced with almost 100 native plants, including pink Muhly grass, blue Porterweed, and vibrant green Coontie for our endangered Atala butterfly friends. This green space is the first of several designed to engage and mobilize community members in a holistic approach to environmental conservation.

As Woody Harrelson taught us in the 2020 breakthrough documentary, #KissTheGround, carbon gardening is an underrated method of greenhouse gas reduction that provides countless community and ecosystem services. Native plants help restore local habitats and filter groundwater, all while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. These types of carbon sinks can be created anywhere soil and plants can exist, including parks, shorelines, roadsides, or even a tiny apartment balcony in the concrete jungle of Miami.

By taking a holistic approach founded in transfer and bringing unique climate action opportunities to the individual, we work to inspire the environmentalist in everyone. I personally invite you to see us in action and join the team at an event, on social media, or on our website,

Know the perfect place for a native nature space in South Florida? Send us the details at