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Letter of Support: All Clams on Deck

All Clams on Deck

P.O. Box 1478

Anna Maria, FL 34216

Dear All Clams on Deck Team,

We are writing in strong support of your mission to protect our waterways and

facilitate healthy ecosystems. Waterway Advocates enthusiastically backs

your Gulf Coast Restoration Initiative, and we believe that your efforts to

increase estuarine resilience by restoring seagrass and clam populations are

some of the most innovative in the field. Please accept this letter as a note of

appreciation for your dedication to our communities.

We consider ourselves a strong ally and look forward to your continued

critical contributions to healthy habitats.

With gratitude and respect,

Caleb Merendino and Benjamin Swanson

Co-Founders and Executive Directors

Letter of Support from Waterway Advocates (1)
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