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Miami On Track for Series of Major Fish Kills

Waterway Advocates was puzzled to learn that the City of Miami was discussing a ban on mangroves in parks - all for a better waterfront view!

As the SOS signal illuminated the night sky, Waterway Advocates sprang into action. The below note was sent to City leaders and their staff.

---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Caleb Merendino To: City of Miami Commissioners Subject: Series of Major Fish Kills and Bay Health Declining Honorable Mayor and Commissioners, Our organization has a saying: “Our ecosystems shouldn't just be beautiful, they should be thriving.” Even as we launch green spaces, butterfly gardens, and hold educational litter clean-up events to beautify our community, we never lose focus of the overarching priority: our ecosystems. After all, there is no waterfront beauty without a thriving Bay. As you know, proposed Ordinance 11938 would prevent future plantings of mangroves and other plants vaguely defined as “tall-growing.” The amount of time and money that has already been allocated to bring this ordinance to the table is absurd. While the County is pushing to improve the Bay area, the City seems more worried about residents and tourists having a better view. What the City is failing to realize by even entertaining this ordinance is that mangroves are essential to creating that “better view” and a resilient ecosystem. If passed, this will have obvious impacts on the already struggling Bay, on top of wasting funds that could be used to foster healthier habitats in and around the Bay. Not to mention, this blatantly contradicts local, state, and federal resiliency and restoration efforts, plans, and law. In addition to our highlighted concerns, Waterway Advocates joined Urban Paradise Guild, Miami Waterkeeper, and other local nonprofits dedicated to protecting our waterways in a joint objection letter submitted to the Commission. We must redefine “beauty” and move past aesthetics. Don’t forget that, just last fall, Miami’s “better views” included this (below). Let’s do better. You may find our official and full letter attached. Respectfully, Caleb Merendino Benjamin Swanson Co-Executive Director Co-Executive Director

For the full scoop, read our letter here:

Waterway Advocates Objection Letter Re: Ordinance #11938
Download • 3.32MB

We also joined our allies in submitting an objection letter regarding the proposed ordinance. This effort was led by Miami Waterkeeper and Urban Paradise Guild. Read here:

Objection Letter Re: Ordinance #11938
Download • 222KB

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