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Protect Oculina Bank Reef

As an organization that actively works to conserve and protect endangered species, we were alarmed to learn that Coral Amendment 10 (NOAA-NMFS-2021-0126) is under consideration. The rare, slow growing, and truly magnificent Ivory tree coral (Oculina varicosa) fills the Oculina Bank Habitat Area of Particular Concern. This golden spot is not far from the Daytona Beaches, Orlando, and Daytona International Speedway, sitting squarely underneath the Gulf Stream off the coast of Florida. These reefs play a vital role in improving and preserving the health of our state’s fragile ecosystems. We must continue to protect rare marine life and reefs from bottom trawling vessels. You may find our attached letter urging the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to maintain the integrity of federal environmental guidance by keeping the buffer zone at Oculina Bank intact.

Download PDF • 2.35MB

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