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Publix picks up where municipalities fall short

May 15, 2022 Publix Super Markets, Inc., Corporate HQ ATTN: Executive Office (Sustainability Team) PO Box 407 Lakeland, FL 33802-0407 RE: Publix picks up where municipalities fall short Mr. Bechtel and Team, Waterway Advocates would like to express our sincere appreciation for Publix’s commitment to sustainability and our South Florida communities. We are inspired by your company’s programs that offer consumers the opportunity to recycle unique items, such as prescription bottles, Styrofoam, store bags, paper products, and even clean foam takeout trays! We have participated in these recycling programs and encourage others to explore the many opportunities that Publix offers. Engaging people in accessible ways they can help our planet is central to our mission. By allowing community members to recycle common household and grocery waste, Publix is picking up where many municipalities leave off, contributing to cleaner and healthier communities. Thank you for your leadership. Our team looks forward to collaborating on many projects in the near future relating to waste reduction, specialty recycling, green spaces, and beyond! Respectfully, Caleb Merendino, Co-Founder Benjamin Swanson, Co-Founder David McVey, Board President

Thank you Publix
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