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September 17 is World Cleanup Day

September 17th is International Coastal Cleanup Day! Join the global movement by taking part in our Wilton Drive Street Sweep! We will be meeting at Hagen Park and cleaning historic Wilton Drive from 9 to 11 AM.


Launch Day Success

Last month, our non-profit partnered with TD Charitable Foundation, Miami-Dade County Parks, and Urban Habitat Miami to launch the Greynolds Park Pollination Station. On the sunny morning of August 13, community members of all ages came together to transform a playground into a thriving native habitat. Dying shrubs were replaced with almost 100 native plants, including pink Muhly grass, blue Porterweed, and vibrant green Coontie for our endangered Atala butterfly friends. This green space is the first of several designed to engage and mobilize community members in a holistic approach to environmental conservation. As Woody Harrelson taught us in the 2020 breakthrough documentary, Kiss the Ground, carbon gardening is an underrated method of greenhouse gas reduction that provides countless community and ecosystem services. Native plants help restore local habitats and filter groundwater, all while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. These types of carbon sinks can be created anywhere soil and plants can exist, including parks, shorelines, roadsides, or even a tiny apartment balcony in the concrete jungle of Miami. Watch our launch video below!


Now Accepting Applications

Looking for ways to get even more involved? We are seeking creative, passionate, and driven individuals to join our team.

Volunteer Staff Openings

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  • Environmental & Climate Policy Analyst

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Bringing Back the Incident Tracker!

Vulnerable frontline communities need help. In South Florida, this is evidenced by stormwater drains in Fort Lauderdale overflowing with trash, Palm Beach County neighborhoods being choked by toxic fumes from burning fields of sugarcane, and government systems in Miami who favor urbanization over already-protected native mangrove habitats that sequester enormous amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. We hear these sentiments echoed by volunteers at our pollution clean-up, habitat restoration, and invasive species removal events.

According to the 2021 Yale Climate Opinion study, more than two-thirds of South Florida adults think local officials, corporations, and citizens themselves “should do more to address global warming.” Waterway Advocates aims to fill this gap and improve our region’s capacity to effectively address environmental concerns in a timely manner.

Our team is excited to bring back our environmental incident and litter hotspot tracker! This important community tool will increase awareness and accountability for underpublicized pollution events and illegal dumping while also inspiring local conservation efforts.


Native Plant of the Month

Swamp Lily

Crinum americanum

This long-lived perennial is native to most of Florida, including Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. It is pollinated by the beautiful Sphinx Moth, and is naturally found in damp soils, such as swamps and marshes. With their unique flowers, Swamp Lilies are a great addition to any low-lying wildflower garden!


Volunteers Needed

Wilton Drive Street Sweep Hagen Park September 17th, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Invasive Species Removal & Pollinator Data Collection Greynolds Park September 24th, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM