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Strengthening Federal Scientific Integrity

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Good morning, Please record the attached comments from Waterway Advocates --- Kind Regards, Ben & Caleb

Comments by Waterway Advocates
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P.O. Box 8734 EIN 85-0782176 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310 Office of Science and Technology Policy Executive Office of the President Eisenhower Executive Office Building 1650 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C. 20504 Re: STRENGTHENING FEDERAL SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY Scientific Integrity Notice - Request for Information - Document Number: 2022-04466 Honorable Officials, Waterway Advocates genuinely appreciates your efforts to strengthen scientific integrity within our communities. We must recognize science for what it is - the evidence-based understanding of the world around us. The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF) defines scientific integrity as: A condition that exists when scientific research and publication of the results thereof adheres to the accepted standards, conduct, and professional values of the relevant scientific community. Adherence to these standards is designed, insofar as possible, to ensure objectivity, clarity, reproducibility, and utility of science and scholarly activities and assessments and to prevent bias, fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, outside interference, censorship, and inadequate procedural and information security. [1] Unfortunately, controversial issues have played a concerning role in the perceived integrity of scientists and individuals acting in good faith from the Executive Branch and other legislative bodies. To effectively lead our communities, we must prioritize honesty and accountability in research. Past attempts to manipulate constituents into questioning scientific evidence relating to pandemics (i.e., COVID-19), climate change, and other critical issues have sown uncertainty in our communities. We must foster a nation that trusts factual science executed in good faith. We respectfully recommend that the Administration make contact with the CSLDF. This organization has a phenomenal “Model Scientific Integrity Policy for Agencies,Universities, and Other Research Institutions," in which they encourage the strengthening of policies by: ➔ Prohibiting political interference through censorship; ➔ Making any attempts at manipulation or censorship of scientists a “violation of scientific integrity, even if the attempt is unsuccessful;” ➔ Protecting scientists’ rights regarding communication with the public, media, and lawmakers; ➔ Developing procedures, remediation, and disciplinary measures to take regarding scientific integrity complaints; and, ➔ Ensuring the protection from retaliation of those who report or participate in investigations pertaining to potential scientific integrity violations. We encourage you to consider the cited points above as you move swiftly and effectively to implement scientific integrity policies and proceed with the execution of strict enforcement, transparency, and integrity. We look forward to experiencing the positive impacts that will surely result from this historic moment. Respectfully, Caleb Merendino Benjamin Swanson

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