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Through our four essential programs, we advocate for and protect the waterways, wildlife, and greater environment of Central and South Florida. Our service area encompasses about 32,786 square miles of 26 counties and is comprised of almost 1,200 impaired waterways. We are committed to our communities, environment, and wildlife, and we are continually working to cultivate effective programs through which everyone can embrace their own role in protecting our environment.

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Every day approximately 8,000,000 pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. Our clean-ups mobilize staff members and volunteers to beautify, clean, and protect our waterways, parks, beaches, neighborhoods, public lands, and other natural areas.


  • Staff litter clean-ups are performed almost daily.

  • Volunteer litter clean-ups are held at least monthly.

  • Data is collected at each clean-up (number of bags, weight, types of litter, volunteer demographics).

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When we know better, we do better. Our team develops resources that are utilized by schools to teach about the importance of protecting our environment, with topics including recycling, stormwater systems, runoff, and pollution. We strive to empower our community members and the next generation of advocates to embrace their role in the protection of our environment.


  • Environmental education workbooks are created for schools.

  • Virtual and volunteer events engage, inform, and educate community members.

  • Social media is used as a tool for environmental education.

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We accept reports of environmental concerns from individuals and organizations nationwide. When incidents are within Central and South Florida, we respond and take the necessary steps to achieve a resolution. Reports originating outside of this area are escalated to the appropriate parties.


  • Reports of environmental incidents are sent through our website.

  • Pollution response is performed by our staff when in our service area.

  • Solution-focused strategies and partnerships are at the core of the program.

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We investigate and respond to reports of pollution incidents to provide prompt resolutions, protecting our waterways and wildlife. We monitor runoff, discharge events, and conditions that are unsafe for recreational activities.


  • We are working to expand our water quality testing program to include waterway monitoring in addition to emergent testing.